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5 Effective Tips to Enhance Mobile App Development

5 Effective Tips to Enhance Mobile App Development

The development of mobile apps through the advantage of smartphones has brought a new technology era of eCommerce and mobile business. With the immediate effect of new opportunities in the commercial world, Android App Development &iOS App Development have been introduced to enhance the user experience of two types of OS users.

When we encounter the world of Android, the OS has taken almost 80% share of the marketplace whereas iOS has a market share which is more loyal and stagnant. Android comprises a cohesive system under an affordable range which makes it grab all the attention in the marketplace. Making our lives simple, these mobile apps in iOS& Android are making lives simpler and time-efficient as well.

Android is an open source technology whereas iOS is a closed source. The source code of the operating system is customizable where the user can expect new features or prospects in every turn through Android or iOS developers. The open source code in Android makes it easy not only for the developers but users as well. Due to such easiness and huge expectations from the audience, Android app development companies constantly works to cater better & advanced services to their customers whereas the development in iOS is more restricted.

The Android app development companies and developers constantly face numerous challenges due to the vigorous demand from the customers and technological evolution. To offer better apps and smooth user experience, here are some tips to boost the effectiveness of android app development.

Ease of Usability
Mobile App Development

The customers are dynamic; if they don’t find anything suitable, they wouldn’t take time to switch. Thus, it becomes very essential to provide your users something challenging, competitive than the past and simple. The aggressive promotions and lack of ease in usability will lead to losing the users. Maintaining the current range of active users and planning to capture a new mass will become easy if your one of the USP is ‘user-friendly app development’.

Knowing the Target Audience & Requirements

The preliminary step of any mobile development is to know the brand’s target audience and their requirements. This increases the likeability of your leading in the marketplace and stays competitive. If your target audience can easily choose and like features which are embedded, the chances of initiating brand loyalty are likely high.

Always ask a question first – What your app is providing or solving?

If the app is solving your users’ common problems or making their life easy, your apps can be easily chosen by the mass.

Awareness of Fragmentation

Analyse and understand the android market demographics and the market fragments. The varieties of Android phone is quite huge as compared to iOS-based phones and thus the requirement of newer and assorted apps, fonts, screen resolutions, app layouts and etc. are also a lot. The related technology needed to be compatible with the latest version for easy usage.

App Optimisation

When developing an iOS app or Android app, the developers need to consider the following factors that decide the success of the app:

• Open time or processing time of the app

• Space took by the app

• The speed of the app

Too much loading time or taking too much storage may lead you to lose some potential users.

Limit Advertising

People hate to see advertisements when using any app and frequent advertisements in apps may drift away users from your app.

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