Social Media Marketing

Andietur is the fastest growing Social Media Marketing company in India. Our team of digital specialists help companies or clients create, analyse and manage their performing social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and etc. Our social marketing and social media optimization services help your business become more and more visible among the targeted audience on social platforms while bringing maximum conversions. Our professionals with trusted experience use advanced technologies to provide fruitful SMO services in Delhi.

Andietur Social Media Management Process

With a group of skilled professionals and dedicated project manager, Andietur guarantees 100% ROI driven results to our clients. Let’s see, how we do it:

Social Media Audit

The process includes vigorous study, evaluation and optimisation of the organization’s profiles on social media platforms. We ensure your enterprise gets a high level of quality presence on the social media platforms to lead the competition.

Grab Your Audience

Just the presence and listing on social media won’t let you win the game but a building a vehement number of audience base will help your rank higher. As a leading SMO company in Delhi, our SMO experts will bring the traffic by sending resonance of your presence.

Engaging Targeted Audience

Are you feeding your customers well?

Well, our SMO experts will take care of this and will offer fresh and unique content to keep them engaged. We will also simultaneously analyse the competitors’ post trend to be on right track.

Social Posting

Are you keeping your smartphone savvy audience well informed?

Your audience will love to have new and surprising facts or news from your side and thus Andietur will keep on regular posting and sharing on your social media pages. After analysing your customer’s behaviour, we will set a particular time period for sharing & posting.

Social Advertisements

Trust only professional Social Media Marketing Professionals for social advertisements to save money, target the potential audience and gather active leads. Trust Andietur.

Digital Marketing SEO Packages

Monthly Packages:
1 to 5 Keywords - Rs.1499/Keyword.
1 to 10 Keywords - Rs.1199/Keyword.
10 to 30 Keywords - Rs.999/Keyword.
Above 30 Keywords & More - Rs.599/Keyword.
Half Yearly Packages:
1 to 5 Keywords - Rs.6,999/Keyword.
1 to 10 Keywords - Rs.5,999/Keyword.
10 to 30 Keywords - Rs.4,999/Keyword.
Above 30 Keywords & More - Rs.3,199/Keyword.

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