Startup Launchpad

We love disruptive businesses and love entrepreneurship as these are the founding pillars of our company as well. Neuronimbus has been acting as an accelerator or an incubator or a mentor (different names, one approach) to an array of startups all through its existence. Today we boast of playing a significant role in the success stories of many start-ups.

Our approach towards working with entrepreneurs is different from being a services provider. We love the passion they have for their product and services and try and match up by working with them on very different level of engagement.

We’ve termed this approach as “Startup Launchpad” and following are the key highlights for budding entrepreneurs and startups:


We don’t just work as a service provider helping you build your product but start off as an advisor and a mentor. Bringing in almost two decades of industry experience to help give a better shape to your business idea.

IT Infrastructure

You need to focus on your product and the core business and we can help you and guide on how to setup your IT infrastructure. From on-site hardware and software recommendations to setting up and managing your complete cloud infrastructure, we will do the heavy lifting.

Branding Services

From designing your new company’s logo to setting up the whole creative vision, we have the experts who will build the ‘touch and feel’ for your new startup. Not to mention we will design your first business card that reads “Founder” under your name… it’s a special feeling.

Product Development

Helping you choose the right technology stack and spending time on building the right UI and UX. Working with the entrepreneur on building a product road map for immediate and future development requirements.

Working on agile project management to provide for the flexibility a startup needs on scope definition and faster deliveries. A rigorous quality assurance process to help you release your first alpha or beta and take on the competition or set standards for others to follow.


We understand how important it is to have the right set of people in your team who can work with the same passion. Neuronimbus will help you get the resources you need and work on multiple formats of engagement. We can have them work on your payroll or as part of a manpower contract, keep them on-site or off-site. These resources are screened by subject experts for the right fitment and you get our assurance for a replacement if they don’t work out.


The Neuronimbus leadership led by our Founder, Hitesh Dhawan will give you access to industry experts who can give you the guidance you need on business, product, marketing and also get you in touch with the right people that can help you with your funding process and proper guidance on how to setup your business case for funding.


Every product or service needs to be seen and hence needs to be marketed. When it comes to digital marketing Neuronimbus covers the entire landscape from search engine optimization, paid advertising, digital media (planning and execution) to social media marketing. We have cracked the jigsaw of getting the best mileage out of smaller budgets.

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